2 definitions by ArtemisRampant

The only possible verbal reaction after watching, reading, or hearing something emotionally intense. Often applies to song lyrics. Can apply to fanfiction, but only very good fanfiction; sexiness alone is not enough to illicit a true "guh."
She understands the character so perfectly that it's heartbreaking. Reading it, it's just...GUH.
by ArtemisRampant August 02, 2010
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1. A popular candy, similar to Twizzlers and vaguely reminiscent of licorice.

2. The favorite snack of one Ron Weasley and one Harry Potter.

3. Your favorite Aimee Mann song.

4. Your favorite color of vines besides green vines.

5. Your favorite way to say "red wines" in a German accent.
"Red vines - what the hell can't they do?" - Ron Weasley, AVPS
by ArtemisRampant July 25, 2010
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