A particularly fun fruit. Green on the outside, pink on the inside. The Juice is simply marvelous. The fruit is popularly served in halves, and chosen over pear halves.
"Would you care for half a pear?"
"I'd far rather half a guava!"
by Tixen April 4, 2005
Guava - its what women have and what most men strive to get. Simply put, its a word that replaces a cruder definition for female genitalia such as box/pussy/twat/cunt etc.
Rayno - "So Ben, that chick was hot!! Did she have a nice guava?"

"bro - that chick had the hairiest, scariest guava I have ever seen"

" Dude, I struck gold last night - she had a beautifully waxed guava"
by Timmy Flowers November 8, 2005
Don't go around saying you want "jugo de guava" unless you want dick juice. If you want guava juice it's "jugo de guayaba"
by ~Lisa~ August 13, 2006
a small yummy fruit that should not be consumed unless found in the liquid form.
mm, that guava sure is pink.
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
Gay butt sex consisting two guys behind the couch at 3 AM. Waking up randomly and saying "Mmm lets get guava!"
"I want guava!"
by Fat January 31, 2005
A skeppy meme referencing the time skeppy and Badboyhalo almost ended their friendship over the fact bbh didn’t know guava was a real fruit
by layaakasomeone March 26, 2021
A female-specific version of the taint.
All the wiping from her diarrhea makes her guava raw.
by Char H January 11, 2006