The act of one man inserting his penis into another man's ass. Not to be confused with straight butt sex.
Harry and Tommy decided they were bored so they had some gay butt sex.
by Harry Zonka August 31, 2008
when gay ass niggas have butt sex in the ass
bro wtff?? you just had gay butt sex?? that's gay asf broo
by lemoniecreampie January 28, 2020
Butt sex between two homosexual men, at least one is required to be angry.
Hey Justin, I heard you received angry gay butt sex from usher.
by Stevie-O August 2, 2014
Wow its a very nice day today i think i will have gay butt sex with Šeki in skupstina
Im gonna have Gay Butt sex with Šeki in skupstina
by Brka33 November 29, 2022
Tyrone: Nah we ain't gay we just homie sexual
Tyjohn: damn straight lets have gay nigga butt sex.
by lawkhkjabsdkjblas January 4, 2021
A sexual act where two or more gay men engage in penetrative sex with their assholes. This is usually accompanied by a copious amount of lube. According to the Geneva Convention it would not be considered gay butt sex but rather just butt sex if one of the parties involved utter the magic words "no homo".
Charles: Yo I had Gay Butt Sex yesterday. It felt amazing!
Bao Dao: Yeah I know I did it with you!
by i luv linh dao January 28, 2023