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Slang for the city of Guildford in Surrey in the south of England. Used by locals as a charming colloquialism for their place of residence.
"I'm getting into Gtown at about 8, meet in spoons?"
by TVDP March 30, 2010
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Slang for Galveston, Tx. Postioned on the gulf coast and full of dirty, toothless people and vagrants. The surf is considered par at best and the fishing is about the same
I want to go to the beach. How about gtown? It's gross but that is all we have.
by agentwilderness February 04, 2009
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The name G Town originally derives from the suburb in mid western Sydney (Australia) known as 'Greystanes'. The name became popular and heavily used amongst Teenagers as a reputation was built that 'G Town' was a 'cool', and 'hip' place to live.

The guidelines of using the term are vague, as modifications are made constantly, for example, 'The G'.

The 'G' of Greystanes has been incorporated into other names, for example. The local watering hole, the Greystanes Inn, is casually known as the 'GI'.
Hey mate, I hear you're from G Town too, lets hit up the GI for a beer some time.
by Daniel Bligh May 23, 2006
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Any town that starts with G, i.e. Goffstown, New Hampshire.
1: Hey - let's head out to Goffstown tonight!
2: G-Town! Sounds good!
by CatfoodPhotography November 28, 2010
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The word G Town originated in Geelong, Victoria, in Australia. It was used as a try hard ghetto slang, if you were reppin' Geelong. Since it started, it has taken off as quite a hip and popular choice of wording.
yall coming to G Town tonight?
by geto supastar June 08, 2007
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g-town can be any city that starts with g or most likely used here in garland as garland high schools nick name
i am going to g-town baby!
by daniel from garland October 11, 2005
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a word describing garland, texas . . . for all you posers out there wtf is ganada , psh and glaveston aint good enough for that title G-TOWN REPRESENT
" G-town Represent , 05' Get it KrUnK "
by G-Town P.I.M.P September 29, 2003
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