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Nosing around the grundle area -- usually performed by a dog trying to get your attention (aka crotch-sniffing) or another person REALLY trying to get your attention.
"Dude, get your dog off of me!"
"Oh, sorry man. Spike! No grundling the guests!"
by YodaDoe December 27, 2004
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The act of taking your strong arm and feeding it under an unsuspecting friend's legs as he stands and lifting him up by his grundle. This will cause extreme pain of the marble sack and or loss of baby makin mojo.
Jose snuck up behind serg and was grundling him into oblivion.
by Valente Bros. January 05, 2008
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When two men grind their Grundles together; this act is much like when two women scissor each other.
“I was grundling so hard with Phil last night, that my taint hurts something fierce
by XxFrictionxX January 03, 2019
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