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A general insult used by grade-school kids to indicate general disdain for a person. Much like the epithet, "faggot," (see Eminem lyrics) this term has transcended its homesexual meaning to become something else entirely. See also gaywad.
Hey, check out that guy wearing black socks with sandals and a Members Only jacket... What a gay-wad.
by YodaDoe January 24, 2005

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Nosing around the grundle area -- usually performed by a dog trying to get your attention (aka crotch-sniffing) or another person REALLY trying to get your attention.
"Dude, get your dog off of me!"
"Oh, sorry man. Spike! No grundling the guests!"
by YodaDoe December 27, 2004

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(derogatory) Technically, a group of retarded people. But the term is usually used to describe a group of people considered to be dorks, idiots or weirdos. Also used as an insult by suggesting that someone is a member of said squad and should be riding the short bus to school. See also tard.
Man, check out Leisure Suit over there... is he auditioning for the tard squad or something?
by YodaDoe January 24, 2005

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(proper noun) - A derogatory name for Food Lion grocery store
Yo, drop by the Ghetto Cat and pick me up a carton of smokes.
by YodaDoe February 07, 2005

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