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1.)Like yo home chick..said more in da bay like hey gruh we finna go to the funktion?
2.)girl version of bruh
3.) juss a word for girl
wat up gruh?
hey dis is ma gruh
u hella fine gruh
by MiAL0VE4MDAYAYaREA November 03, 2007
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Your average college football player (most likely a linebacker)
Caveman tendencies
Long greasy hair
Usually facial hair
"I was so drunk that I almost hooked up with a gruh!"
by Sassysylv May 26, 2013
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A cool way of saying the stupid-word, bruh. You can also say greh and grah.
"Sup gruh!, tryna kick it?'
"Fasho man!"
by Stoney Marley Deezy January 10, 2012
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What you call your grandma or grandpa when they’re your bud too. It’s like bruh, but not for your broskis.
β€œWassup gruh!”
*recieves disapproving look from grandma*
by ur_mumzie June 01, 2018
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