ooga, hooga hooga oga choo cha. chooka bewga hooga ooga. oga hoo, hoo ha chooka book. ooga chaca ooga chaca ooga ooga ooga chaca.
grug 1: hoo haa, chooka book hooga.
grug 2: hooka choo ooga!!!
grug 6: grug moment
by trustworthy orang June 24, 2019
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when someone with a low IQ tries to change the world (often negatively) by screaming at it
gay kid: *exists*
homophobic parents: ruh ruh ruh ruh RUH

me: oh ha ha epic grug moment
by PhilDiaper April 22, 2021
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When you literally experience a Grug Moment and proceed to do a backflip while eating chicken nuggets with your pet raccoon.
Bruh literally grug moment, my pet raccoon is gonna love this.
by bruhsssas February 25, 2019
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a Grug moment is what happens when you wet your pants at the thought of playing "Grug's Disadvantage" on the GBA for 5.99USD
by RyePing4Plant March 9, 2021
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When you do something incredibly based/ or when something remarkably based happens.
The signing of the Declaration of Independence was huge Grug Moment for the 1700's
by GrandpaBalls June 3, 2022
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Whenever someone on discord 😳, does something that is the total opposite of a bruh moment.
Alex was accused of making an unfunny meme lol. He changed his ways and made a funny meme. What a GRUG moment.
by FunnyMoment lol October 10, 2020
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where limbo was on 11/9/01
thats a real Grug Moment
by ppfard February 4, 2023
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