A genre applying to the older but not yet old folks crowd. Used to describe music, television, fashion, etc. The targeted demographic is the 25-50 age group. Hip Hop/Crunk is definately not grown folks entertainment.
You can go to that all ages dance club and play with the kiddies, I'm going to the grown folks club.
by xzybit May 2, 2005
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Anything recorded before you turned 25 years old.
I'm 33, Fugees are still ok to listen to because they are Grown Folks Music but I'd feel like a moron if anyone ever saw me with a Chris Brown cd.
by allstar720 August 10, 2008
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Grown Folk Shit is an artistic expression of all things adult. No little kid rides, no G, PG, or PG-13. Grown Folk Shit is rated R. 18+. Grown Folk Shit can be seen & heard on Thursdays @ Java Joe's. 3834 5th Ave. 92103 $5/8pm. Grown Folk Shit is put on by Rob Deez, Nick Z, & La Velle.
I went to Java Joe's last night & the music was off the chain! They we're singin/rappin/freestylin about all types of Grown Folk Shit!!
by Rob Deez December 10, 2009
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When someone uses baby lotion and they not a baby tell them to use some grown folk lotion.
What lotion you use

Baby lotion

Girl you better get you some grown folk lotion
by Jalissabowers September 12, 2019
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A party Thrown at your home or elsewhere with your grown up friends and family. People will get drunk and secrets will be revealed, food will be eaten, and dancing will go on. It will be grown and sexy mixed with a lil ratchet as soon as "Back that azz up" comes on. For dessert, people will eat cake some might even pass around a joint at the fire pit while talking about the old daze. There might be a swimming pool and people will be jumping in and be laughing hysterically. Somebody might get to drunk to drive home
by Gs709 June 6, 2017
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