It is a game which involves a group of people, preferably the more agile, to go to a children's playground (the more complex the better) and to have a contest as to see who is "it" and the others are to hide around upon the playground works while the person who is "it" tries to find these others while the "it" person has closed eyes or is blind-folded. The others can move to other areas of the playground but must take great care when moving or especially on the ground. If the person who is "it" calls out "GROUNDERS" while someone is traversing the ground to another area that person becomes "it". Another way to pass the "it" status is to tag someone.
The game usually becomes more fun if the participants are intoxicated on alcohol or marijuana or other things. It is also fun if a member is overweight or typically scared of jumping around or having one's eyes closed on complex surfaces!
Grounders is a game that I only know of existing in Vancouver, British Columbia but may exist elsewhere.
After we finish this bowl do you want to go down the street to the primary school and play grounders?
by Parissa S December 2, 2007
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Grounders is a playground tag game also known to exist in Calgary, Alberta.

Minor injuries are quite common as a result of navigating the complex surfaces blind. These injuries may result in great humour to the other participants. Often, if one or more people have not yet been "it" or have tried to cheat, the others will gang up on them to put them in a position where they will more likely get caught.

Variations of Grounders include allowing the person who's "it" to have their eyes open while on the ground but closed on the playground area. While on the ground, they can then reach in to try to tag people.
haha! Bob just fell down and hurt himself playing grounders!

don't worry, Joe, there's no step in front of you!
*Joe trips over the step*
by malcolmst August 9, 2009
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1. A hit that travels along the ground (baseball). 2. A person who dislike traveling by air and sea and stick to the ground based transportation. 3. A realistic person.
1. Andiz hit a grounder again. 2. He's not into airplane and ship, he is a grounder, he only uses ground based transportation like train, bus etc. 3. I'm not a dreamer nor a loser, I'm a grounder and I stick to the ground (fact).
by Andiz Grounder May 31, 2011
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A load that you catch in your hand after pulling out. In a similar motion that one would scoop a baseball up from the ground as it bounces along the ground.
I pulled out and didn't want to get it on the bed so I had to catch a grounder.
by G-manicus September 15, 2010
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A slang or An unpredictable case of a man accused of ashamed for fault.
“ The grounder was set off last night for torturing those women
by angeegee June 5, 2019
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To take a timed selfie of your genitalia while standing above your phone that is placed on the ground so that you get the "full package" captured.
Hey you can see the nuts and the butt hole? It must have been a Grounder...
by Spbrwa January 15, 2015
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