Teen bluegrass band currently taking the world by storm, centered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bluegrass, funk, rock, blues, jazz, whatever we want because we truly are that cool. Snuffy, Stretch, String Bean, Sweet Pea, and Slick. We kill it every time.
Last night I got dropped LSD and went to the Itchy Mountain Men show. They rocked the house, as always!
by satanta March 31, 2008
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The worst qualities of a mountain man are often associated with granola boyfriends. However, mountain men bring it to another level (get it bc mountains are high). They wear classic red flannel, cargo pants and combat boots. Their natural habitats are huts, ditches or even igloos. Favorite activities include hunting (w/o permits) and fishing because they really like their meat ;). Physical appearances often includes a man bun and long merlin beards. Also mistaken for lumberjacks. They're ready to drink whisky at anytime of the day with their best friend Balto (hunting dog b/c people such) by their side.
by lambrogreeniii//#ferrari May 19, 2020
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