Bits and pieces of interesting conversation that removes harmful mental plaque from one's brain.
David Letterman offers up mental-floss on a nightly basis.
by s6 July 05, 2005
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(noun) A length of sturdy wire inserted through one ear and out the opposite ear using a needle. The flosser then pulls the wire from side to side to eradicate brain farts from the cranium.

(verb) The act of giving or receiving a mental flossing.


(noun) A perplexing problem or set of problems intended to diminish one’s intellect by exceeding their cerebral capacities.

(verb) Taking or administering a rigorous thinking challenge such as an exam.
1. Walter met his untimely demise when the copper wire accidentally poked an empty light bulb socket while performing his weekly mental floss.

2. It would’ve been dope if Matt Damon shit kicked that Harvard preppie guy instead of the mental floss he gave him in β€˜Good Will Hunting.’
by Mickey Nation December 21, 2007
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device used in an attempt to remove a disturbing mental picture.
It's gone! Someone deleted onion ring from the Urban Dictionary. I can put away my mental floss. That was just gross!
by Witchie-coo March 20, 2003
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