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to grind grip and fondle someone all at the same time
Often causes blue balls
Dude that chick grondled me so hard last night my balls are still sore
by docnaks October 11, 2011
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Aug 3 Word of the Day
A way of expressing that someone is sexually attractive. It is often used with irony or playfulness.

Comes from the verb “breed” which is to copulate with intent of bearing children.

For someone to be truly “breedable” they need to be fertile.
Anon: You are looking mighty breedable this fine evening, m’lady.
Stacy: Please don’t say that to me.
Brad: Woh, you look submissive and breedable, Becky.
Becky: Wow, thanks. *sex*
by 100PercentEthylAlcohol July 14, 2021
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After a long weekend if drinking, my friends found me engaged in a grondle on the lawn with some stranger.
by Cheeky Driver November 13, 2014
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To be in a state of distain or unpleasantness after a night out, usually due to a hangover or come-down
aw mate, he was such a grondle the other night- almost killed me!
by Grettski October 03, 2018
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Rock band from LA who is sick and tired of their name being confused with the definitions above
Grondle f_ckin' rock!
by MIcheal Caine July 21, 2021
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