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To refer to any person, object, event, idea that is lame, or on the extremely conservative side.
All the clubs shut down at 2:00am? That's so mad republican.
by cookie November 7, 2004
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Term for someone who has many problems, usually of a personal nature. Loosely derived from a joke found in a box of Cracker Jack's.
Katy lost it again last night and just started bawling. What a math book.
by cookie November 22, 2004
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what people refer to as high-quality bud when they are to ignorant to understand that it's "kine, with an "e" and NOT "kind" with a "d".... "Kine" is the hawaiian word for "excellent".
Furthmore-- kine bud is not a specific strain of bud (i.e. Northern Lights, Afghani-Skunk, White Widow). It is a term for higher quality bud-- usually ones whose genetics (strains) are not known but is of higher potency than schwag.
Note: Highest quality buds (i.e. Northern Lights, Afghani, AK-47) tend to be cultivated by Marijuana Connoiseur's who pay attention to details-- like the genetics or "strain," of the bud...therefore they generally do not call their bud "kine" but instead refer to it by strain (i.e. Northern Lights). To simply call it "Kine" when the actual genetics, or breed, is known- would be undermining the true quality of the bud.
A bag of "kine" will run run yah about $30 for an eighth. (eighth = 3.5g)

An eighth of Northern Lights (sensimilla of course) will be about $60. (sensimilla = seedless)
by cookie August 24, 2003
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meaning a small boney creature from dirty areas
A shy but arrogant little thing, it tends not to leave its home or socialise in a group but does mate once a year with a giant ginger monster
by cookie July 19, 2003
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a new hot singing sensation from boston.

see www.playback-music.com
-Did you see Playback's show yesterday?
-yeah they rocked
by cookie December 12, 2004
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