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In American Football, the act of signalling a field goal after having thrown a winning touchdown as a way of confusing officials. Rumoured to be named for Washington Redskins phenom Robert Griffin III, but also likely to be derived from forms of inappropriate nudity.
This craze is getting so bad that this morning a DC Weatherman was griffinning on the air.
by lastname first September 11, 2012
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To griffin: to hold a significant amount of tension in the toes and foot. Could occur willingly or through spasm.
My flip flop broke so I was griffinning all the way home to keep it on.

A:I saw this special on tv about this woman who had no arms!
B: Woah, I bet her feet hurt from griffinning like all the time! Griffinning to eat her food, griffinning to drive the car and like etcetra...
A: Yeah, but she must be used to it by now.
by Dr. Sloane August 06, 2009
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