n., a quick nap, usually minutes in length, often taken during inappropriate situations.
Announcer 1: "And Ken Griffey is on deck, but I haven't seen him come out of the dugout yet. Have we gotten any word on Junior being taken out of the lineup?

Announcer 2: "I don't think so. No word from the trainers."

Announcer 1: "Wait, there he is! He's taking a quick griffey in the corner.

Announcer 2: "I knew the Mariners were in a slump this month, but come on.

Announcer 1: "Huh, I guess that's where the term 'griffey' comes from."

Announcer 2: "Excellent deduction, Sherlock."
by danmac June 3, 2010
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Pen Griffey is one of Bryson Tiller's aliases. It's a play off Ken Griffey Jr., the retired MLB star.
Bryson Tiller: Girl I'm Pen Griffey Too

Bryson Tiller Ken Griffey Jr. Let Em Know 502 The Come Up Trap Soul Aliases Pseudonym Alter Ego Lyric
by ThePrincesssssss November 2, 2015
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to take a huge shit in your own toliet that has been brewing for a while.
Kaleb: "Mom hurry up and get home!"
Pizzamaker: "Why hun?"
Kaleb: "Cause I gotta drop a Griffey."
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
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a fart, or series of farts prior to dropping a Griffey.
Pete Dick: "I love my Griffey Junior!"
Jen: "What are you rambling about now?"
Pete Dick: "You can't smell that?"
Jen, rolling window down in zero degree weather: "I can now ass hole!"
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
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A baseball player that was very good in the 90's. He is very popular with Mariners fans even if he is not doing well or even on THEIR team.
Person 1: What team is Ken Griffey Jr. on this year?
Person 2 (Mariners fan): THE MARINERS!
by Azombieatemyshoelace October 12, 2009
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The Man. Possibly the greatest overall outfielder ever as well as the best player in Mariners history.
Ken Griffey jr. is such a beast, he's the man!!
by David Hagan March 4, 2006
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Prior preparation is required. The male must buy a bottle of mustard and hire Ken Griffey Jr. giving him specific directions. Then, while the male is having sex (doggystyle), when he ejaculates in his partner, he gives the signal to Ken Griffey, Jr. who is presumably hidden in the closet. Ken Griffey, Jr. then bursts from the closet spraying mustard in the eye of the male's partner. Having Ken Griffey, Jr. announce himself at the same time is optional.
Dude, I can't go out this weekend. I totally gave my girl the ol' Ken Griffey, Jr. mustard surprise last night, so I have no money after hiring Ken Griffey, Jr.
by Leemanmasteroftheuniverse August 20, 2009
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