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A combination of color, a mix of grey and beige.
Her dress wasn't grey, it was greige.
by pinkymona April 10, 2011
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"Griege" is the description of the type of white man who is attracted to asian women. They appreciate and wear rather unfortunate shades between grey and beige, particularly brands like Rockport, Timberland, and Tevas with woolly socks. They are interested in Asian cultures and are often white boys who lived in Japan for a year or two teaching English or else anthropologists and appreciators of hokey world music.
Unlike other words describing white men attracted to asian women (eg yellow fever), the term is perjorative only to the man, and is most often used by asian women who are sick of being pursued by greige individuals.
a: Jia Yi is so fine, I think I'll impress her with my new safari tee and hiking boots!
b: Maybe if you weren't so greige she would actually pay attention.
by cheechulls September 17, 2006
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