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To greengrass means to preform a sexual act outdoors while painted green.
Yesterday, Rita and I greengrassed until the paint wore off.
by thefunnyman February 03, 2009
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1. A pretentious douchebag of a manager, who usually does hiring interviews. He screens out freethinkers and nonconformists by telling them they got all interview questions wrong even if they were right. Just to discriminate against them for being different in some way.

2. In an interview being discriminated against, and then it being hidden like you failed the interview questions in some way.

3. Being given an interview question and being told you failed it or got it wrong, when clearly you didn't. 'What is 2+2?" "Four." "Wrong, you can't solve problems so we cannot hire you!"
1. I didn't get the job because the interviewing manager greengrassed me.

2. I went to the place for the interview, but a greengass had interviewed me, so I didn't get the job.

3. Greengrass asked me to solve the problem of the coworker who makes annoying noises, so I said I would ask that coworker to nicely quit making noise. Greengrass them told me he couldn't hire me because I just called a coworker "an asshole" in his role playing sessions, even if I never used that term or tone.
by Orion Blastar December 20, 2013
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