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It's what the Marine Corps uses to screw you.

Similar to spinning the Wheel of Misfortune.
Jarhead #1: Mike got involuntarily extended for CAX!

Jarhead #2: Another victim of the green weenie.
by towgunner May 10, 2006
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figuratively taking it up the poop shoot, as in something bad just happened, usually at work.
Man1: "Did the boss just tell you had to work on Saturday?"
Man2: "Yeah, I just got the green weenie."
Man1: "Yeah you did, with no lube."
by AggieJAG May 02, 2006
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A military slang term for the "Army Commendation Medal" also known as the "ARCOM", a medal that has been given so frequently that it is considered nearly meaningless.
After his third tour without award, the brass passed him a Green Weenie.
by Cpl. Dio February 09, 2011
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Advocating raising the retirement age or cuts to social security/ medicare AKA a venereal disease that infected the republican party around 1980, that they have unfortunately spread to the media, and the democratic party.


The Green Weenie
The raising of the retirement age or cuts to social security and medicare AKA what Alan Simpson expects working people to swallow AKA Alan Simpson's "green weenie" that he will sodomize working Americans with.

Endorsed by rich greedy Washington politicians or rich greedy opinion elites that live in a wealth bubble and don't know or have forgotten what it's like to do manual labor for a living. Instead of being willing to pay their fair share of taxes, they want the american people to sacrifice and accept "tough choices", and by that they mean balancing the budget on the backs of the working poor and the middle class, at a time when you have corporations that pay no taxes, hide a large part of their income in other countries to avoid taxes, or pay a lesser percentage of their income in taxes than the average working person does. Their favorite phrase is "the numbers don't add up", even though the numbers for their tax cuts never added up, but that doesn't ever seem to matter. They love to use the euphemism "entitlements" to describe SS and Medicare as if people are spoiled when they get their $14,000 a year (borrowed from them by the fed gov) retirement in social security.
The Blue Dogs, Alan Simpson and the rest of the Republicans in Washington, will use the Green Weenie to penetrate the safety net, laid out by Johnson and FDR.
by Maddow Viewer February 09, 2011
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Quite possibly the fattest fucking cock in the existence of humanity. More commonly found in the great community of the armed forces especially in the Marine Corps. This cock can be found slaying assholes left and right no one is safe in the presence of the almighty green weenie.
Person 1 : dude I just got voluntold for a field op in the middle of the Sahara desert I won’t be back for 6 months

Person 2: it’s your fault you can’t deny the almighty green weenie it will only prolong your suffering

Person 1: curses I guess I’ll just have to loosen this asshole for the green weenie maybe then my suffering will end
by Shdylatina November 28, 2019
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