A term that means there is something that excites , or interests them. Also as a question what tickles my fancy?
Tracy - Fo you like that game Don ?

Don - Ya it really tickles my fancy !
by dragonboy8586 July 14, 2021
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to enjoy, adore, or be satisfied by.
When I (a slave) became free I ripped off the clothes my owner made me wear and did various activities that tickle my fancy
by Galego August 15, 2008
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When you take your dick tip and rub it up against someone’s asshole hairs
Definition:Hey that girl let me tickle my fancy in her front yard last night and we both enjoyed it
by Lil dyke niggas October 13, 2017
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Simply put, it's a fetish that you recently found and haven't accepted in your sexuality. Yet.
You: man the other day I was looking for things that tickle my fancy and I stumbled upon some lolicon...
Friend: and what happened?
You: before I knew, I was rock-hard. I feel so fucked up
Friend: as long as you don't molest real-life kids, I don't see the problem
by hitaniggieup September 30, 2013
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