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"Grean," a slang term widely used in Thailand, refers to a person who acts like a bastard or to the act of bastardization in the internet and cyber-world. "Greans" don't have the awareness of a usual person, and do many things without thinking.

"Greans" can be referred to as a noob or newbie, but are worse than them. "Greans" can cause chaos in many games, online-societies and forums. They act like they know everything, in spite of the fact that they often don't know anything.

The term "Grean" was initially created as a slang word by someone in the forum of the Pramool site, the most nation-wide website of Thailand, and was always used in the Ragnarok society, The most renowned online game in Eastern Asia. Started by a group of children who had the crew-cut hair style, and they were always insulting anyone who passed in their sight, mostly young children. When this slang word was used so many times, people consequently referred to people who behaved in this manner as "Greans." "Greans" are now present in many forums and sites.

However, the group of "Greans" suddenly get angry when they are called "Greans," because of the term's connotation. "Greans" also consider themselves as the center of correctness, which is rather removed from reality, so they created the other slang word "God" to refer to themselves as a professional or pr0. This word can also be seen in many forums and sites, like "Grean."

=The Characteristics Of Greans-
*They have high self-confidence, which generates their imagination of correctness.
*They have low EQ, and they always use their temper to decide what to do, and they're very sensitive.
*They don't have control over their tempers so they always show what they feel by saying or posting without thinking and manners in the forums.
*They like to start problems and raise topics which cause arguments.
*They live in a group.
1.Thomas has just had a new Grean haircut, he looks cool!
2.He's so Grean!, he doesn't even know how to micro his hands
by Thai-StyleZ February 28, 2007
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Grean is a thai word that means Trolls, It's commonly to find this word on Multiplayer online games
Hua grean wa
ruang kong goo
by Oylre June 25, 2015
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