"Yo, did you see Jared sucked his own dick again?"

"Grax chain grax chain"
by graxalex May 26, 2020
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an abbreviation of "gracias" (thank you in spanish) used in WRITTEN TEXT.
"Mira, tengo un regalo para ti, puedo darlo a ti manana." "grax!"

~look, i have a present for you, i can give it to u tomorrow~
by ~mzlatinnnagurl~ March 30, 2007
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Word used to mean gossip in urban English slang in India, primarily by the 2000+ strong alumni network of the XLRI Business School.
1. What's the grax on this babe and that dude?
2. Start studying and don't waste all your time graxing!
by Split Infinitive February 6, 2010
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grax comes as an internet slang for two words Gracias(Spanish) and the x as in xoxo (Thanks + a kiss)

Gra comes from:
Spanish: Gracias
Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican): Gratia
Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican): Gratias
Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican): Gratias tibi ago
Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican): Gratiam habeo
John - what time is it?
Tom - 10:30 am
John - grax!
by ferdna July 11, 2008
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the word "grax" was used in an old book of whaling "Of Whales and Men" by R.B.Robertson and was written in about 1952 to 1955. The word as far as I understood it was to mean the rest of the whale that was left over after it was rendered. Apparently it was absolutely unusable.
to separate oil from glue water and grax remaining when the first three operations have been performed.

at the end of the process, pumping overboard the few gallons of evil-smelling water andthe few handfuls of useless grax, which is all that remains of the mighty whale.
by aikie December 9, 2011
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Chicano slang for "gracias" which means "thank you" in Spanish.
Home 1: "Hey, homie, I got you a beer"

Homie 2: "Ayeeeee grax, homie!"
by hummusheathen August 5, 2023
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