Greer is the term used to describe someone who is so amazingly beautiful, they make everyone faint by smiling. known for being funny, sporty, artistic (the whole package), and just a tiny bit weird, this girl is the perfect girlfriend. Also, they get pissed if you spell their name wrong.
Person A: hey, I just saw Greer outside beating everybody at lacrosse.
Person B: But...I just saw her drawing inside.
Person C: Whoa, guys! She's EVERYWHERE at once! she's magical!
A, B, C: Omg HAWT marry me Greer!
by samboss1093 May 31, 2013
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A Loud, funny, obnoxious sneeze. Also have a very weird metallicy sound.
That sneeze was a nasty greer!
by Camp Bell January 3, 2011
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It's a verb, a noun, hell.. its even a preposition.

All is Greer, and all will always be Greer.
Hey man, you got any Greer for sale?

How many Greers could a Nick Greer, Greer... if a Nick Greer could Nick Greer? Answer: 4

Holy Greer Batman!
by Greer22 September 29, 2011
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a very skilled man who can do just about anything, if he wants something he can do it, also is good with the ladies because of his skateboard tricks and music skills.
"hey did you see greer doing that nollie 180 kickflip grind?"
"Yeah dude, i wish i could do that! i'm not half as good as greer!"
by Sammy marvel, expert on greer. November 24, 2009
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Greer where you find rednecks from the local schools; Byrnes, Greer, Landrum, Blue Ridge and Chapman. Teenagers ride around wasted hanging out in the Walmart parking lot or running from cops. They like to play a game called spoons which they target minorities and watch your step they spit chew every five feet. To have any kind of fun requires getting stoned and listening to upchurch or getting wasted and shooting stop signs. The only fucking thing to do in Greer is go downtown if now head up Wade Hampton to Greenville.
Dude 1: watch out there’s chew right there!
Dude 2: ohh yeah I forgot I was in Greer
by Jayce Dawkins October 5, 2018
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