by Larstait November 7, 2003
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Im so graty I could bong a beer right now.
by dirtball joe July 10, 2010
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The savior of all humankind. The Final Prophet, Pyrocinical, Unjo bless his name, informed us of him in a spiritual episode on his holy YouTube channel. A forbidden monkey god, sentenced to damnation by his bastard bastard emperor of heaven Sitarg Ojnu. His followers are known as Unjoists and they are followers of Unjo-Gratisism
"I worship Unjo Gratis praise be to Him"
by Unjo Gratis's Disciple January 21, 2018
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Literally, from the Latin, free farts. A deeper level of relationship intimacy where partners can fart in the presence of each other with little or no shame.
How long have you been seeing Richie, now? Have y'all hit flatus gratis, yet?
by VimanaNaut November 9, 2015
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1)The Gatis Grotto: Free Cave/Cavern;

2)used on the IGN message boards for the free trial boards for:
2b)The Vestibule
OMG, IGN changed the name of the the boards to The Gratis Grotto! OMGWTF!?
by Rad5566 April 3, 2004
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Latin for 'with thanks'

When you get something for free as a thank-you

see also probono
I helped the guy in shop clear up some mess, he then gave me a crate of beer pro-gratis
by Garry Ladd July 11, 2005
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Faggot name that IGN temporarily changed for the infamous Vestibule as an April Fools joke.
Anonymous_Kick thinks that the Gratis Grotto is almost as gay as underscore.

Underscore is as gay as the Gratis Grotto.
by Superman Flame March 31, 2004
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