The off topic message board of IGN. A mixture of heated debates on the topic of religion, politics etc. over reactions to recent news events, rampant trolling, comic threads, and bitching about why you cant get laid complimented by a large amount of spam.
Hey man have you been posting on the vestibule tonight?
by roboticmrhelloo April 27, 2009
A free trial message board of Known for inordinate activity and levels of spam.
"I was posting on the Vestibule the other day."

"Have you been to the Vestibule recently?"
by Christopher Simonson December 10, 2003
A container for liquid such as a mug, bottle of cup. A derivative of vessel.
Pass me that vestibule so I can fill it with water
by Cliff Note December 15, 2010
Described as a "test run" of the IGN boards, it is currently the most-used forum on IGN. It is frequently called "The Spam Board". As of 2005, the Vestibule has accumulated over 100 million posts. It is commonly referred to as "Teh Vesti" or "The Vesti" by its regulars. At the beginning of 2006, the Vesti was nearly overrun by noobs, or newly registerd users. Many of these users spammed the boards unmercifully to add posts to their post count. The Vestibule lost many regulars in 2006 including: The.Boss, raffaelhookel, and Charcoal2k. Since then, many users have complained that The Vestibule has declined in quality.
I'd better fap furiously to this pic of goddess bunny because it's on The Vestibule!!!!11one11!!!
by Ivebeenpermad August 7, 2006
The condition of continuing to hang out in the vestibule long after you've said goodbye.
Literally: Inflammation of the vestibule.
Related: vestibulate, vestibulates, vestibulating, vestibulated, vestibulation
Susan, "We need to cure your vestibulitis. The party is over and I have work tomorrow."
by mornindead October 27, 2007
The free board of IGN . Some of the most common topics are "Buttseckz" , "I just got owned" and and ofcourse "face_plain"
"LEik OMg !1!!!1!11 Y HaLO ThaR BUTtSECKz ??? iM TOTal 1337 !!!11!11
by J to the R-O-C September 7, 2003
The source of all ignorance. Most noticeably, the home of pr0n riots, masturbation, and questions dealing with "clits" and "vaginas".
by carlmmii April 8, 2003