The act of forcefully inserting a grape into the female orifice
"she got graped"
Past Tense

A mix of "Groped" and "Raped". Often happens to Japanese women on crowded public trains. Usually carried out by perverts who's finger is larger in length and girth than their penis.
"It was horrible, I was graped by a twilight fan on the train today!"
by PhancyStar April 26, 2009
To be gang raped. Penetrative sex by more than one person against the recipient's wishes.
'I was graped on my way to work this morning'.
by billybotox December 12, 2007
To be gay raped. Penetrative sex by more than one person against the recipient's wishes
dude, have seen rich? he totally got graped yesterday
by grftdh January 5, 2011
Being fraped on Google+
Pete sneakily graped t-dogg when his back was turned

D Joseph was gang graped when he passed out and left his phone on the table
by rape+ July 12, 2011
1. Forcefully inserting a grape into an unwilling participant's oriface

2. Accidentally getting so drunk on wine (usually on Thanksgiving) that you wake up the next day feeling violated.
"Alicia was upset that her family didn't like her dinner that she started drinking with her meal. Before she knew it, she got brutally graped and woke up with a turkey leg in her buttcheeks"
by ChimRicholds November 24, 2014
the action of being groped but it being so intense and non-consensual it's classified as rape.
Person 1- Dude his hands were all over you without permission?

Person 2- Yeah it was like being groped…no raped

Person 1- You were graped
by Scared Chick May 8, 2011