an extremely cool and hot girl that is fun and free spirited. pronounced Gron-ya. not grainy, granny, grain, or grenade. shes skinny.
omg shes defenitly a grainne!
by Mandersss December 8, 2010
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a stunningly pretty girl who is loved by all
wow, grainne's my favourite girl.she is my role model
by jane March 24, 2004
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pronounced graw-nee-ah. should be a fada over the a Gráinne.

irish name meaning Grace.

name of very famous irish queen Gráinne mhaol, the pirate queen aaarrrrr me hearties.

not to be pronounced grah-nee-ah...this sounds horrible and chavvish
"hi my name is grah-nee-ah"

"well then you are right stupid cos that is not even a real name."

"what do you mean?"

"Graw-nee-ah sounds much nicer and doesn't make you sound like someone everyone should be afraid of....tit"

Grainne cut off most of her hair to embarrass her father
by noodle99494531 February 6, 2010
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she has a horse smile, wears knacker chav like earrings, has bad black and ginger hair and has hamster cheeks.
she loves fuking the brains out of her knacker monobrowed boyfriend caljo...
by tintin April 7, 2005
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a blonde female prone to borging (see definition of 'borge')
Look at Grainne borging in that new top.
by Joe April 7, 2003
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Beautiful and sporty girl who is kind to everyone around her. She is stunning and a boy magnet but she will always be there for you when you need her whether you know it or not. She will always be the best friend you could ever have
She is so pretty and kind she must be a grainne
by Happy birthday bisch February 25, 2019
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to be extremely convincing, regardless of facts and situations
Person 1: How did you get so lost on the way here

Person 2: (pointing at driving partner) She was grainne with the directions
by starlight100 March 14, 2010
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