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To be intently engaged in computing solutions for long durations with sometimes no apparent goal other than to expand knowledge and to satisfy the curiosity.
I am sitting at a computer and everything is working fine and it does all it needs to do, but today I decide to embark on a long journey to make it complete new and exciting tasks. You may not see or hear from me for some time because I am borging.
by prawn July 13, 2012
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The act of copying someone's digital video or music collection in total; often times by attaching a portable USB hard drive to their computer. Taken from the fictional alien race The Borg, from Star Trek: The Next Generation, whose primary purpose was to assimilate entire races via technology.
John and Jenny have set up their computers on a network, and they're Borging each other's Madonna collection.

I took my USB drive to Billy's house and Borged seasons 1-7 of The Simpsons.
by JamesBradford July 15, 2009
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On the browsergame Travian, the act of sending one's entire army at someone in the full expectation it will be killed. Usually as a prelude to deleting from the game.
I have decided to quit the game so I am borging my army into the North-East.
by undead1054 June 27, 2009
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