A computer game with a creepy gothic feel. You play as a dhampir whose mission is to kill the members of a nazi organization.

It spawned a sequel and a film adaptation directed by Uwe Boll.
Bloodrayne is kinda gory.

I just watched Bloodrayne.
by Meijo January 7, 2010
1. A euphimism for the monthly discharge of blood and smegma from the vagina
2. a poorly named action game involving vampires, nazis and zombies, all part of this complete breakfast
Mark - I was going down on Trixie when she pulled a total bloodrayne on my face, I nearly drowned!

Ted - who the fuck dates a girl named Trixie anyway?


Mark - After that unpleasant little encounter I retired for a relaxing game of bloodrayne two where I disembowled some weepy emo kids.

Ted - What am I doing here?
by Pyramid head August 30, 2005
a place better run than Wrestling Trivia Cucks Alex is better than xexeddd
Jim: WTC is nazi propaganda and I hate slavery
Alex: Join Bloodrayne II then
Teganstan: I'm the tag team champions
by teganstan August 20, 2021
Just the greatest server of all time. Nothing can compare to it. We have great players. Great members and an AMAZING OWNER. 3 actually, but, there will always be one. And his name is Hunter Ca- Jk. Can't say his last name. But anyway, as I was saying, legit, the best trivia server out there. I suggest you join it. Because if you don't, you're missing out. For the people who left it, you have made the worst mistake you have ever made on discord.
Some dude: Wow, have you heard of Bloodrayne?
This other guy: Yeah. Best trivia server of all time.
by Jenoah B. May 7, 2021
Pretty much a goated server. We have goated staff, goated members and a goated Owner. Goated describes everything about Bloodrayne. For the people that left, you've just made a terrible mistake. For the people that are joining, welcome to goated land.
Some person: Hey, have you heard about Bloodrayne?

This other dude: Heck yeah. One of the best, if not, THE best WWE trivia server of all time.
by Jenoah B. May 11, 2021
A place where screwjobs are the norm and bad luck s everywhere.
Who did you bet on?
Its bloodrayne so I LOST
by broken juan cena August 20, 2021