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A computer game with a creepy gothic feel. You play as a dhampir whose mission is to kill the members of a nazi organization.

It spawned a sequel and a film adaptation directed by Uwe Boll.
Bloodrayne is kinda gory.

I just watched Bloodrayne.
by Meijo January 07, 2010
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1. A euphimism for the monthly discharge of blood and smegma from the vagina
2. a poorly named action game involving vampires, nazis and zombies, all part of this complete breakfast
Mark - I was going down on Trixie when she pulled a total bloodrayne on my face, I nearly drowned!

Ted - who the fuck dates a girl named Trixie anyway?


Mark - After that unpleasant little encounter I retired for a relaxing game of bloodrayne two where I disembowled some weepy emo kids.

Ted - What am I doing here?
by Pyramid head August 30, 2005
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