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Someone who specifically gives blumpkins.

A female or gay man that performs oral sex on a man while he is defecating.
"Dude, your sister is such a Triscuit."

"Haha good one man."
"No, for real, she gave Steve, Ryan, and John blumpkins last night."
by Triscuit_Lover October 07, 2010
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new and exciting ghetto term that is the equivalent of other terms such as "true dat" or "trillz"

originated by Ourlow and Sayurah
"did you see that fight today? shit was intense!"

"yeah, triscuits!"
by "Mr. K" November 03, 2009
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A triscuit is someone who โ€œacts whiteโ€ while they are another race.
Bianca looks like a triscuit with her uggs.
by Trisc April 23, 2018
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From the 1988 Movie

Tom Hanks as Josh: "I met a girlfriend, a triscuit!"
Jared Rushton as Billy: "She said a triscuit a biscuit!"

by Carl GW Smith April 24, 2007
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A slang term referring to a particularly "square cracker." "Square" to mean their activities and social behaviors are stereotypical for caucasians and "cracker" being used in the same way as the slang term for a white person used commonly. Triscuits play everything by the book and are portrayed rather accurately by Dave Chappelle in his impressions of white people.
The new country club claims to have a diverse membership but when I set foot in the dining room it was practically a triscuit convention.
by bsmdm March 25, 2009
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