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a slang term to describe the state of being high or "drugged up" to the point where one is incapable of basic thoughts and functions. Sometimes used between staff members in hospitals
- How's the guy in room 1209 doing?
- Man, he’s fuckin’ gorked!
by MrPinkPickles November 11, 2007
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being high, or coming down from a high. being totally baked, stoned, lit, ect.
Dude, Kevin was totally gorked at school!
by NaLo April 18, 2008
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To mess up, fall short, screw up an opportunity in the game of baseball or other sports.
Man, he really gorked that play
by Gorkys Hernandez August 23, 2017
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An excuse said when you dont really have the patience or any care of what the person or group is trying to talk to you about! A state of insomnia and paranoia and anxiety mixed with a short fuse and not a care in the world about your decision or mood!
I look like crap? What did you expect im gorked? I just ran a red light who cares Im gorked! my eyes look funny because im gorked!
by a retired gorky February 11, 2010
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