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When u fuck a girl doggy style and right before u cum u pull it out and cum on her back, then after u pull out a handful of your pubic hair and stick it on her back
Man I'm still hurting from giving my girl a gorilla back, but it was worth it
by el chicharito 619 September 12, 2010
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A man or woman who has a fat hairy back that people want to have sexual intercourse with...
Dude Jeff's dad has the sexist "gorilla back!"
by go·ril·la back February 03, 2014
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(n) Elderly Black woman with large uper intestins. // Man with very hairy back.
by John Barker March 31, 2003
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That hairy ass guy that you know who feels too much pride to shave or wax and struts his sasquach-like body around friends and family without remorse. When the issue is brought up socially, the "gorilla back" will often reach back and effortlessly pull out a hand full of the psuedo-pubic hair to shock his company. The women that are turned on by this act are known as "Russian women."
by bcoats November 24, 2009
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