14 definitions by Ginger Barbarian.

When a fag end has been extinguished is a can of fizzy pop.
Oi Clive, I just put my cig out in that can of coke and Brenda drank the lung water. Fucking mucky bitch!
by Ginger Barbarian. November 18, 2020
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A person who only has relationships with female soldiers.
Crumbs ken all you do is pump green fleet. Did you do the green fleet managers course?
by Ginger Barbarian. December 08, 2017
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Similar to the punched lasagne. When a fat cunt of a woman’s vadge is so foul it resembles a dropped pizza.
Crumbs Carl, her axe wound was a mess it looked like a dropped pizza.
by Ginger Barbarian. December 08, 2017
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Clive you’re a dirty rat twatter, what happens if your Barbra finds out? I am sure she’d cut off your tail and stuff in reet up your arse hole.
by Ginger Barbarian. June 07, 2021
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The act of plunging ones beak into a pair of filthy pants.
Fucking hell gordon I was doing a dirty malone in the woman’s changing rooms and I got caught. My god Neil, you are a foul bastard.
by Ginger Barbarian. October 17, 2019
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Ha ha I just so appaullings pumping and his technique was shite.
by Ginger Barbarian. December 10, 2017
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The act of spewing noxious fumes from your anal snapper.
Christ almighty don have you dropped you’re fucking club money.
by Ginger Barbarian. March 30, 2018
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