when a girls 🐱 is so tight that it squeezes on ur dick & feels good as hell
she got that gorilla grip
by idkwhat tousenocap July 11, 2020
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the strongest pussy lips achievable by women. highly prized, rarely awarded. the best of the best.
If you find a girl with a gorilla grip, never let her go.
by cowboyemojiyeet July 23, 2020
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a tight ass W.A.P thats so tight...its almost like a gorilla is gripping your dick.
by Saniyahhhh December 18, 2020
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Put a little pepper in your pillow case, so when your girl puts her face on it she sneezes, making her pussy grip you like a gorilla fist
Last night I used the Gorilla Grip on your mum. Shit was TIGHT
by SkinnyPenis101 November 13, 2017
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When the monkey is so tight when you try to pull out you can feel it sucking your dick Back in like a plunger
by Miao tai chi July 4, 2020
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When you grab your dick so hard that you pop a vein
I had to be hospitalized because I pulled off the gorilla grip
by Dr. Clump February 26, 2019
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When you’re smashing a chick from the back and stick your finger in her ass and she squeezes it

(Used in the Caribbean)
by Repoman 868 September 11, 2019
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