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A Letisha is a fearless, passionate, no-nonesense girl with a heart big enough to fit the whole world into it. She sets the bar high for herself and goes after it with all her strength and commitment - she never fails in manifesting her biggest dreams. Her energy can be hot and fiery, and fiercely protective, but at all times she is dependable, compassionate, and tough as diamonds. If you encounter a Letisha, know that you are in the presence of a highly intelligent and wildly fun person who, if she deems you to be genuine and good at heart, will never, ever let you down. Letisha's are beautiful, extremely loyal friends... and are also extremely active! They are amazing dancers & fire-spinners, fast learners, and are very health-conscious. They manage their home, work, and play with a practiced ease that even the most organized of people can become envious of. If you are fortunate enough to make friends with a Letisha, make sure you let her know just how valuable and loved she she is! After all, even the toughest of diamonds need some love and care in order to shine brightly.
I wouldn't mess with that girl, she's as fierce as a Letisha!

She must be a Letisha; everyone is having so much fun with her!

You should have seen the fire spinning performance last night - I've never met anyone as talented as Letisha!
by Infiniti555 January 19, 2014
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a sweet kind girl. she enjoys life to the fullest. she loves to have fun & laugh. a better friend you will not find. she is loyal & supportive no matter what.
Letisha makes a great best friend
by J friend February 03, 2010
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