2 definitions by c v.2 | mikky mouz

one of the tacos in the taco bell menu.
damn this is one good gordita, what you get the beef or chicken one?
by c v.2 | mikky mouz July 14, 2005
A very real, NOT TO BE OVERLOOKED SUPERNATURAL FORCE, DESTINED FOR FAILURE. If you have a man named CHORI a.k.a. "Ryan Teodoro" on YOUR team.

For Example - Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Gunbound, Basketball, or any other competitive sport/e-game you are DESTINED TO LOSE.

If you see a man named chori join any of your teams in the e-gaming society, please do the right thing. BAN HIM, IMMEDIATELY.
FUCK! chori get the fuck off my team, I'm tired of losing bitch.
by c v.2 | mikky mouz November 15, 2004