When you shit in a sandwich bag and hide it in someone's bedroom. This is especially rancid if you turn the heat all the way up in their house.
Damn! It stinks like shit in here! I bet my brother left another goody bag in my sock drawer.
by Patrick & John August 16, 2011
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The act of forcefully inserting your scrotum into someones butthole.
When I asked him to "stick it in my butt," I didn't think he would give me a goody bag. I was so shocked that my rectum constricted itself and crushed his nuts, needless to say we were both in for a surprise.
by Courtney G. Love January 19, 2007
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a coin-purse like sack that is affixed around the penis and testicles by a drawstring. the warmth and softness offer functionality, comfort and style. most commonly fabricated from the softest materials known to man... toddler scalps.
man, this goodie bag is more comfortable than dipping my balls in room temperature pudding while watching a nature show.
by doc cq November 18, 2008
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1. ounce of a drug (prefferably weed or cocaine)
2. a bag of pharmies
hey whussup man, check out what i got in my goodie bag
by M "Smoke'M" Crackaz September 26, 2006
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I put my goody bag in her mouth and I cummed all in her forehead
by The_Kerse June 27, 2020
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A white bag full of terrible things, none of which are good.
For Steve's birthday, Uncle Claude, Steve's teacher, had packed something extra special in the Goodies Bag, it was a dead cat covered in feces.
by SUPA-D July 13, 2008
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Exclamation in surprize, and/or shock. Comes from "Gee Wilikers!" and "Oh my Goodness!"
When Georgie's toy broke, he shouted "Oh My Goodie-Bags!"
by mah tung iz stuk too a ice ikle December 22, 2003
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