a gooba is someone who is very funny and weird. many people likes this type of person. they tend to annoy some people but others are entertained with their such energy.
person 1: "haha look at that person over there, they're such a gooba."

person 2: "haha you're right. they're so funny."
by ardnaxela moslof December 18, 2017
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A small domesticated short-haired male cat located in the state of Michigan.
My cat's name is Max. i.e. Gooba
by Da Brinnie November 12, 2006
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Sex. Any variety at all. It can be made more specific by putting the type in front of GOOBA. I.e. butt GOOBA. Also, it could be used as the word fuck; that is to say, a verb.

Derived from the relatively new language of Bleagh, GOOBA is quickly gaining prominence amongst teenagers.
Oh man I got some nice GOOBA from my chick last night.

Dude, I wanna GOOBA her so much!!!
by Mike May 05, 2004
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(Noun, Slang), G-oo-buh, Origin: The solar industry of Northern California. : Any type of roofing/weather/general construction sealant extruded via the use of a caulking gun, as roofing sealants are generally petroleum based, stain most materials and are near impossible to remove without the use of other petroleum products. Primarily used when refering to the brand Sikaflex.
After I removed the lag bolt from the roof I used the gooba to seal the hole.
by five9four January 05, 2010
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The name for a sexual partner who is significant, but not at boyfriend status yet.
Please meet my Gooba, Paul.
by dinks141 October 26, 2010
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another word for good-bye, just for people who have highper activity syndrom.
i got to go, gooba!:D
by Da_Nyxtr September 30, 2007
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