Gonzaga is a Roman Catholic School founded by the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, in 1821. Gonzaga is the oldest educational institution in the old Federal City of Washington, and to this day continues to help young people grow towards religious, intellectual, and social maturity.

Gonzaga is a school that emphasizes social teachings such as Men for Others. Men for Others means doing anything whether it be a service project or just volenteering a lunch period to go help out at the McKenna Center (an on campus homeless shelter kinda place). Also, besides all the other stuff in general its just a fun place to go to school the teachers are great ( bro. jon, doc. warman, mr. davis, l'etoile, etc.) and the guys there are cool. Its really laid back and fun. I personally like it because of the since of independence it gives you. Also its not gay and uptight such as the country club in maryland called georgetown prep. For the other person who was bashing gonzaga in the previous post definetly has never been and expierenced what the whole gonzaga school is like.
Guy 1 : Gonzaga fucking kicks ass at everything
Guy 2 : I know its such a great school
Prep Guy : Damn i wish i went to gonzaga
by kid in class of 09 August 26, 2005
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The sickest school ever located in DC. The men are super good-looking and are hated upon by guys from other schools because they cant get girls from their own school because they sweat gonzaga so hard. Common rejects from gonzaga go to oconnell, PVI, St. johns, and georgetown prep because they are not smart enough and unlike prep, you actaully have to be a decent kid and it does not matter how much money your daddy has.
Bishop Ireton girl: Your cute, where do you go to school?
Gonzaga student: I go to Gonzaga.
BI girl: Fuck me, the guys at my school are faggots and suck at sports.
by Bo McHughgle April 04, 2009
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boobs, tits, honkers, hooters, fried eggs, holly mountians big perky breasts! either way GONZAGAS!!!!!!!
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by mat-hewah! the great December 03, 2010
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The GREATEST school in the history of the world. People who don't get into Gonzaga go to secondary schools like St. Johns, DeMatha, Country Club (oops, I mean Georgetown Prep), and others in the WCAC and surrounding areas. Those other schools are very bad safety schools compared to Gonzaga. I mean, I feel bad for the kids who don't get into Gonzaga. It is literally the greatest school I have ever seen. It has the most school spirit, even more than a college, and the kids and teachers are great. Their mascot is the "purple eagle" and they wear it around town.
Georgetown Prep Kid: "What school do you go to?"
Gonzaga Kid: "The team that just recently wrecked you in football, I believe it was 30-0."
Prep Kid: "I'm not worthy to be in your presence!"
Gonzaga Kid: "I know."
by Finna Can't Tell September 17, 2018
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also called "gonfaga" it is one of the faggiest schools in the arcdiocese of washington.In general the school is primaraly made up of fags also called "gonfaggots"that are extreme wannabee cool kids and are horrible at sports and are always and i mean ALWAYS getting beaten down by St Johns in everything! the school also shows its true colors by having a "purple eagle" as there mascot "emphasis on the purple".
1)G: hey you! what school do ya go to? B:Gonzaga,G:YOU MEAN GONFAGA!!

2)Prep Kid: hey you what school do you go to?
Gonzaga kid: Gonzaga
Prep Kid: what the hell? you should be cutting my lawn right now!
by john jacob hymer shmit March 28, 2009
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