It's when you start "talking" with a girl. It's the beginning of "part x.xx", which is similar to the "bases" for relationships. The closer you get with the girl, the higher the number. If you start going out with the girl, that turns into part 2. One night stands can be as high as part 1.99 since you're not actually going out with the girl.
Brian: I heard that "G" got up to part 1.99 with some guy. Wtheo!
Wes: Yeah. Dude, she's not going out with that guy, but they got pretty far.
Brian: I got to part 2 already. Even up to part 2.8, woohoo.
Brian: I haven't gotten to part 1 because of how long I've been in a relationship. Yee.
by Brian Wesley Brian November 15, 2010
The best part by far with best waifu, speedwagon and to hot buff dudes Dio and Jonathan Joestar. But every fake Jojo fan skips it like fuck how gay are you like you are not even cool gay like us chad non part skippers. Like part 3 is over rated come on now.
Part skipper. I skipped jojo part 1 and 2 to get to 3

Chad. Your sin is unforgivable and you shall die for your heresy

Chard proceeds to sunlight yellow overdrive his part skipping ass
by Jojo part 1 slaps May 20, 2021
Cheesebrexmed Is the god of everything in everything. He hates everything. Cheesebrexmed is also cursed by the sickness of the peat. This so-called peat sickness is the consequence from the frog venom the person consumes. After a specific period of time the person starts to peat. Cheesebrexmed is also a carrier of the legacy of BBreb. The colour BBreb is nothing and everything at the same time. Regular humans or NPC’s cannot imagine this type of colour and have no chance ever seeing BBreb. BBreb is a colour that explains everything beyond Human imagination resulting that only Cheesebrexmed can potentially see this phenomenon. However, there is a theory that BBreb is hidden under Mabes wig. Although this is only a theory and not proven!

Peating causes extreme conditions and makes the person Gil. These studies have been shown by brex HQ (The very first peatsers) extreme peats can happen everywhere, you are invincible and can in some cases levitate. (Caution! Headbump peats can cause concussion)
Relaxed wrist peat can be a very dangerous peat, usually it’s just a normal small little slap with a lmpao looking back head and a tight body and of course, a relaxed wrist. But, if you consume enough energy, you can flick everything out of everything, yes it will also flick the nothingness, stuff you cannot comprehend, there will not be nothing left of everything, less than nothing, after that before that until it! It all begins again (Quantum restart) we restart. – Gil
cheesebrexmed part. 1 long jump
by Shez-e-brexmed June 2, 2022
It was the first day of school and David was not happy but his mom was like "go to fucking school david or I will beat you" so he did he was thinking about his friends at old school he said to his self "i will become king of school and if any and I mean any one i will kill them" all the people look at him and he looked back but David did not see the cop running at him he look back and run as fast as could. He run in to a ally way wich went to the hood wich his was there. It was a shady place then some kids jump him they where black David did not like black people he said "you fucking niggers go back to your home land" they said" diss nigga dont like nigga lets kill him" the cops got the other kids off David. a other kid came up to David and said "the name is Eldon dont worry about the school gane" David said " my name is David nice to meet you " David wanted to kill the kids who jumped him david said to Eldon about his plan to kill the the kid to that jumped him. Eldon said to David that he like to kill cats in his free time that he has been wanting been wanting to kill the school gane too so David joined Eldon"s gane the bell rings David finds what class he is in david is in the 8th grade this year. David was in the same classroom as the the school gane but he got eldon in there to school was boring he went home at 3:15. on the walk home David look at the a kid it was from the gane David got a rock and

the end of part 1
you are a david fanfiction part 1
by willin1234 YT January 17, 2018
the technical term to define a sexual encounter that may occur while traveling to West Virgina for a ski trip. Three people, one male and two females of which one is a neutral party and does not partake in any sexual activity, are in involved. The male in question must be wearing sweat pants (jeans are oppitional and may be substituted for the for mentioned sweat pants)and a north face jacket and or a hoodie from the home school team of the said person. The female not partaking in any sexual comment must be sitting in the seat on the back of the bus to the left of the male who is sitting in a seat closest to the isle. The female taking part in the sexual contact must be laying across both the male and neutral female with their head laying across the neutral females lap and the torso and or ass across the lap of the male. The female then must slight raise her right
Hogan received a Shobogan Hogan Part 1 while on the charter bus
by M-F January 23, 2008
We must talk about Kimber, Kimberdek. We must talk about kimberdek! FOR. It was Kimberly's wedding (it was her wedding) she was getting ready and there were tons of clouds in the sky(lots of clouds in the sky)Derek walks in with a charming grin! SUNSHINE(Kimberly says)are we getting married or not?(Derek)I'm sorry my love lets go... hand in hand they walked outside(Derek)Kimberly you're the most beautiful bride! Everybody gathered at their side! Such a joyous day but anyway: we must talk about kimber, kimberdek! We must talk about Kimberdek! Derek and Kimberly so very lovely! You can always hear them arguing. Duh Duh Duh. Those 2 lovebirds also kinda notnerds. We must talk about Kimber, Kimberdek. 11 foot runaway, flowers on the floor, when the bride comes out there is an uproar. We must talk about kimberdek They said they hated me. YA YA now they're thanking me YA YA This is kimberdek you see! YA YA Their fate is sealed when they get married!
The Kimberdek Song Part 1 is so catchy! I love it!!

The Kimberdek Song is to the tune of "We don't talk about Bruno".

When is Part 2 going to come out?!
by eirdua-eiram sllim :DDD March 14, 2022
A very homogenous, nation wide lifestyle that is driven by social media. Most girls catch it after being exposed to social media long enough. It can poison the mind of any female, reguardless of how well they’re raised. For some reason, it’s apparent they never had their own taste in fashion or makeup, they never knew what looks prostituty from what doesn’t, infact they choose what is less shameful and deem it as “better”. They are not seeking out what they personally believe to be cute, they are following society’s notions of what is cute and adapting to that, then proceeding to believe they are cute, because that’s the popular opinion and gaining a self-confidence boost. The definition is labeled “Kardshian Syndrome”, becuase of the obvious signs that one has it. The first sign is the modern western cakey makeup, the makeup is very heavy and extremely excessive. They apply lipstick that is very heavy and noticable, because the goal is to give them what they deem as “beautiful”, and what they deem as “beautiful” are over sized lips, whether they came from genetics or not. Next, are the eyes. The eyes are also extremely excessive, they are done in a way that I would imagine, taking a small paint brush, dipping it in a can of paint then applying it. (That’s not how it’s actually performed). The eyes are in extreme shades of dark or bright, basically large objects with different colors inside them, that covers the eye. But aside the makeup, you can see the negativity written on
She has Kardashian Syndrome (Part 1), I can tell by her make up, choice of clothing, and her condescending attitude.
by Kardashian Syndrom Media February 18, 2018