the cockiest private school in the DMV area. this school thinks they're the shit when really, THEY'RE NOT.

and none of them are cute .

Georgetown Prep/Sidwell/etc.: except you guys aren't you sons of AIDS filled bitches.
by bitchimmastar March 04, 2012
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A gay school in MD that likes to wear purple. When they come to other schools to play them in sports, they talk trash, later to become the trash as the game ends.
Kid1: Hey dude what school do you go to?
Kid2: Gonzaga!
Kid1: Never heard of it..
Kid2: What?? The most awesome school where we own at everything and are super smart!
Kid1: Still not ringing any bells..
Kid2: You know! All the girls are on us and we wear purple!
Kid1: OHHHHHHHH you mean Gonfaga! I gotta go, not allowed to talk to homosexuals.
by GonzagaSynonymForCockSucker December 03, 2011
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kids who dont get into prep because they severely lack intelligence, athletic ability, charisma, and ability to get ahead in the buisness world. also their school color is PURPLE! in no way is purple remotley considered cool.
where were you mugged?
right by gonzaga
by ultimo February 25, 2005
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Aka ... GonFAGa ... what more can one say but that there is no comparison to how bad that school is, even to Georgetown Prep or the Public School System in CA
only faggots go to gonzaga... and boy do they turn their fruit of the looms into hershey factories, when they hear the name "DeMatha"
by J.C June 23, 2005
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The GREATEST school in the history of the world. People who don't get into Gonzaga go to secondary schools like St. Johns, DeMatha, Country Club (oops, I mean Georgetown Prep), and others in the WCAC and surrounding areas. Those other schools are very bad safety schools compared to Gonzaga. I mean, I feel bad for the kids who don't get into Gonzaga. It is literally the greatest school I have ever seen. It has the most school spirit, even more than a college, and the kids and teachers are great. Their mascot is the "purple eagle" and they wear it around town.
Georgetown Prep Kid: "What school do you go to?"
Gonzaga Kid: "The team that just recently wrecked you in football, I believe it was 30-0."
Prep Kid: "I'm not worthy to be in your presence!"
Gonzaga Kid: "I know."
by Finna Can't Tell September 17, 2018
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An all guys high school in D.C. that wishes it was as cool as Good Counsel. All the guys are gay and thats why their color is purple. Also known as gonfaga.
Hey look its a gay guy in a purple shirt that says God is purple. He must go to gonzaga, i mean gonfaga.
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A gay school in Dublin, probably the most homosexual in the world today.
-what school are you in?
-Gonzaga, Why?
-Shut up fag.
by The Quiet Man February 11, 2007
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