a goldstein refers to basketball, it is the act of attempting a lay-up or dunk only to be rejected by the bottom of the rim.
Phil had a great break away opportunity but he goldsteined it.
by Brian H August 29, 2005
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to Goldstein; to lie for no benefit
Max was goldsteining when he lied about texting Avery
by r🐕 December 10, 2019
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Common name for a male Jew. Common traits include:

1. A tremendously small phallus most commonly due to the family cheaping out on the circumcision procedure.

2. Vertically challenged.

3. Disproportionate tendency to not spend money on anything including but not limited to: loved ones.

4. Weed
Goldstein is the cheapest jew I've ever met. He once asked me for gas money to drive 3 blocks. When I refused he left me in the middle of the road.
by Lynch Marshawn November 10, 2022
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Jewish definition:
1. A person with a Jewish last name
2. A person who has a close relative that is Jewish
3. Someone who is married to someone who is Jewish
Jew 1- What's your last name?
(Bob Greenberg)
Jew 2- Goldstein. Why?
(Sally Goldstein)
Jew 1- *Bahaha* You're Jewish
(Bob Greenberg)
Jew 2- Ya. Why, are you?
(Sally Goldstein)
Jew 1- Yes.
(Bob Greenberg)
Both- *Hahaha*
Both- *high fives*
by xDImajewwholovesasiansxD February 6, 2010
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The act of getting a body part caught in something, chain drives, gears, machinery, doors, etc
Boy! You better be careful, you don't want to get your goldstein caught in there!"
by scrottum dandruff September 3, 2008
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To get black out drunk after one beer. The best of the best will manage to get black out drunk five nights a week. Only to then attempt to sleep with every girl in the vicinity, when that fails, it's on to dudes.
Example #1:
Dude, I totally goldsteined last night!

Example #2:
Oh man, you've goldsteined five nights in a row now!
by JewFanNOT April 5, 2010
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Inreference to a body part, fingers, toes, hand etc. getting caught in some kind of machinery.
He got his fingers caught in that chaindrive, boy he goldsteined that!
by Scrotum Dandruff September 11, 2008
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