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a goldstein refers to basketball, it is the act of attempting a lay-up or dunk only to be rejected by the bottom of the rim.
Phil had a great break away opportunity but he goldsteined it.
by Brian H August 29, 2005
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Jewish definition:
1. A person with a Jewish last name
2. A person who has a close relative that is Jewish
3. Someone who is married to someone who is Jewish
Jew 1- What's your last name?
(Bob Greenberg)
Jew 2- Goldstein. Why?
(Sally Goldstein)
Jew 1- *Bahaha* You're Jewish
(Bob Greenberg)
Jew 2- Ya. Why, are you?
(Sally Goldstein)
Jew 1- Yes.
(Bob Greenberg)
Both- *Hahaha*
Both- *high fives*
by xDImajewwholovesasiansxD February 06, 2010
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The act of getting a body part caught in something, chain drives, gears, machinery, doors, etc
Boy! You better be careful, you don't want to get your goldstein caught in there!"
by scrottum dandruff September 03, 2008
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A miserly person; a tight-wad.
Yehuda: "Oy, vey don't you let me through the emergency exit once you get into the theater?"

Bill: "Hell, break down and buy a ticket like the rest of us, you Goldstein!"
by UPSguy July 26, 2006
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Inreference to a body part, fingers, toes, hand etc. getting caught in some kind of machinery.
He got his fingers caught in that chaindrive, boy he goldsteined that!
by Scrotum Dandruff September 11, 2008
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