The Internet's Favorite Candidate.

Unlike other politicians, he answers questions directly because he actually knows what he's talking about. Since Andrew Yang has a real degree in Economics from Brown University, he is able to propose tangible policies that would actually work. He has by far the most extensive list of policy proposals on his website than any other candidate.

Instead of scapegoating racism/sexism or immigrants for the problems of the US, he uses the impending robot apocalypse to bring Americans together. He is popular among nerds due to the fact that he is one, and is the subject of the Andrew Yang Facts phenomenon.

He is well liked by conservatives due to being a liberal who is willing to appear on places like Fox News and Ben Shapiro and defend his policy proposals with facts and reason.
Person A: Have you heard of Andrew Yang?

Person B: Yeah, that crazy guy with the $1,000/ month plan?

Person A: Why don't you check out the policy section on his website or his interviews on Joe Rogan and Bill Maher?

Person B: ****Does advised research****

Person B: YANG 2020!!!
by RobbieJim July 24, 2019
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The name of an Asian man who cares more about moving forward rather than going either left or right (in terms of politics).
Andrew Yang encourages everyone of all ages, opinions and IQ levels to do MATH, which stands for Make America Truly Happy or Make America Think Humanity.
by Pavonistade June 29, 2019
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This man is the last and only true prophet to ever walk this Earth. Vote for him in the Democratic primaries.
Dude 1: Between Andrew Yang and Joe Biden, who do I choose?
Dude 2: Andrew Yang is woke af not gonna lie.
Dude 1: True. Hope he wins against Trump.
by True_Lust July 22, 2019
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Andrew Yang Facts are the nerd version of Chuck Norris Facts. They are based on presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Just like how Chuck Norris is known for being abnormally tough, Andrew Yang is known for being abnormally smart.

Can be found on Twitter under the #AndrewYangFacts hashtag.
Andrew Yang Facts:

Andrew Yang can divide by zero and times by infinity.

The square root of -1 is not imaginary. It is just hiding from Andrew Yang.

On average, cute cats spend 6 hours a day watching Andrew Yang videos.

Andrew Yang can solve a system of equations of parallel lines.

Andrew Yang's asymptote reaches the limit

Andrew Yang learned to play the piano by watching someone use a harmonica

Andrew Yang eats robots for breakfast.......without any milk.

When the Avengers need brains they go to Tony Stark, when Tony Stark needs brains he goes to Andrew Yang.

Andrew Yang created a mandatory personal finance curriculum that he plans to implement in every school, so that Gen Z won't grow up to be debt slaves

Andrew Yang doesn't patent inventions. Inventions patent Andrew Yang.

Andrew Yang won the World Series of poker using Pokemon cards.

To Andrew Yang, every number is a rational number

Andrew Yang beat solitaire with 9 cards
by RobbieJim July 24, 2019
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Andrew Yang Facts is a trend created by the Yang Gang based off of Chuck Norris Facts. The facts are nerdy in nature and are based on the fact that Andrew Yang is a well informed nerd running for president.
Andrew Yang Facts

Andrew Yang knows the last four digits of Pi.

Andrew Yang once got a computer virus. After several hours on the tech support hotline, the computer virus finally escaped.

Andrew Yang doesn't dream of the future. The future dreams of Andrew Yang.

Andrew Yang once took a lie detector test. The machine confessed everything.
by RobbieJim July 23, 2019
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