G.O.A.T stands for โ€œGreatest of all timeโ€ which is a short puniciation for the word
He is the G.O.A.T
That was the G.O.A.T
by Black Hammer123456789 January 11, 2018
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G. - Greatest
O. - Of
A. - All
T. - Time
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by lubricantmold December 11, 2018
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Goat: a domestic animal kept to be milked, pet, and mercilessly sacrificed to Giants and/or for religious beliefs.
If you believe you have seen or are currently seeing a goat please complete the check list:
-horns on head
-possible beard
-smallish tail in tail area
-some hooves
-derpy look in eyes
-seriously you'll know by the derpyness
Guy 1: "Man, you're looking a lil goaty."
Guy 2: "oh damn, where?"
Guy 1:"it's your eyes they're looking to derpalisious."

"Did you see that goat, I recognized it by its derp."

"I was just walking down the street yesterday, and outa no where this goat came along and jumped from my trampoline to the neighbours large industrial building."
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by Thatonechickwhodidsomething August 12, 2016
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