overused term used by people who have never won a fantasy football championship but still swear they are the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)
I am the GOAT of fantasy football because I have had byes in 3 consecutive years, but I never won the chip
by Fam! December 1, 2015
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Wew... that goat just past Justin Bieber's Ferrari...
by 1hs4nn August 4, 2017
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a very greasy oily headed creature that hunts on straight men even tho gay, the female James Charles in a sense, but less successful and never had friends to begin with, and very manipulative and ugly. goats are a back stabbing bitch you cant trust them because they'll fucking tell everyone and the goat is just using you. that goat is a fake bitch. never fall for a goat. and is Satan in disguise. ugh i hate that goat, she needs head and shoulders, does she even wash her hair?!
wow that's a goat. she's very goat.
by midgetchild May 16, 2019
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Any of a series of hulking, pointy toothed marsupials known for their loyalty, alterness, and skills with garden tools.
Goat boats? I saw some in isle 12, why?
by frosto December 13, 2002
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a moron. An idiot. one who screws up.
usually a person that made a grave mistake
Oh man...he just missed the winning shot...what a fucking goat!
by christopher May 20, 2004
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to shit yourself while you are waiting in line for the bathroom
"Mike didn't make it, he goated himself and had to walk home with poop pants."
by MonicaAlb March 12, 2010
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Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Yochi, Hero the Savage Hero are the GOAT at their craft.
by Kurizy September 1, 2015
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