To show your balls to another, by tucking them under your ass.

Often used in a childish game to show another your balls without them knowing. Depending on technique you will be able to kick them in the ass multiple times.
by krookedcrow July 16, 2006
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dude, please dont feed the animals!
please keep the animals off the grass.
dude, u fucked a goat!
by EiffelTower January 6, 2008
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Used in the Caribbean as slang for idiot, mainly Barbados
You is a real goat yeh
(You are a real idiot)
by miymck November 3, 2013
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Appart from the animal goat,nowadays teens us it as a slang which means: greatest of all times.Usually used by soundcloud rappers who think they are funny or being deep or sth.It is also used with the goat emoji as sarcasm but anyways it sucks.Dont use it!
A random jackass on his friend's insta post: Goat🐐🐐🐐
A soundcloud rapper on his other fake account commenting on his own song with 20 views: Goatttt🐐🐐🔥
by just me ^^ February 2, 2020
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1.the best animal in the world!
2.the ex goat, dan, who Crystal loves
1. OMG theres a goat!! AWWW its SOOOO cute!!
2.Look at ex goat! hes so gay!!
by Blonde Jew October 29, 2004
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The act of one tAkin their right/left hand and puching their penis and SACK behind the ass. Generaly done by people with streatchy sacks. Quite painful, but ohhhh so delicious and enjoyable!!!!!!
12 year old boy: My mommy caught me preforming a goat underneath the kitchen sink (with nothin on except lube and socks on).
Therapist that dosnt care: i seem to understand that ur uncle danny tought you this not so beautiful thing (therapist says under breath* lie).
by majoe January 23, 2011
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