To noisily chomp on something.
He was gnoshing on some rock candy, last I saw
by Rakuro September 22, 2004
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3. Snack foodl
The gnoshes were acceptable but I preferred the suds.
by Sensei Wolf March 16, 2010
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A toddler's way of describing snow.
Uncle Ryan, It's gnoshing outside!
by Uncle Kyle January 1, 2021
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Phrase with several meanings:
1- The request from a man to a woman for oral sex
2- Synonym - Piss Off

Gnosh me off Luv.


Gnosh me off you wankstain!
by tienLung January 10, 2009
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When you're eating Ice-cream and use your lips to drag it off of the fork to avoid hurting your teeth.
"This ice cream is freezing dude, I have to gnosh when I eat it cause it hurts so bad."
by CNAnemoia August 1, 2023
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