The only weapon in the gears of war series that the community won't bitch about. WARNING: equipping the gnasher shotgun automatically turns you into a try hard and every excuse you have for getting owned will be based on the gnasher.

P.S: Apparently, assualt rifles are for noobs now. -_-
tryhard: *fires gnasher three times and misses every shot*

mentally stable gamer: *revs chainsaw and kills try hard*


mentally stable gamer: Oh please...
by annnnonnnnymous May 26, 2012
An aggitated native american who wants his land back from the white man.
The gnasher made a bitch fit in the casino at the cowboy who shot his six-shooter into the neon light of a wastedump.
by Joe Rivera February 18, 2008
Term used for a short girl with black hair that usually has piercings. She may well be a baby's stepmum
You know that wierd girl with the piercings, she is such a gnasher...
by Gunslinger007 October 9, 2009
A negative person that makes a problem worse rather than seeking a positive solution.

A person who is both and hand wringer and ball buster at the same time.
When it comes to me going out with the guys, she is a total sack gnasher.
by Deathesquire February 10, 2018
In the popular games Gears of War and Gears of War 2 for the Xbox 360, this is the shotgun equipped to all soldiers, COG or Locust in multiplayer. This is a widely used weapon in multiplayer and is very deadly at close range with the potential for a 1 shot kill. Although the game developers claim that this gun can counter the Chainsaw Bayonet, this is not true in many cases.
Alex: This guy just tried to rush me with a Hammerburst, but i killed him with the Gnasher Shotgun
Ken: Nice!
by Silentkillr69 December 17, 2008
Somebody who when discussing an event in the news such as a criminal case, decides that the punishment meted out is not enough.

While mostly ignorant of much of the story, the gnarb-gnasher leaps on the bandwagon to have them not just punished to the full extent of the law, but punished horribly. They get quite creative in saying what should be done to them. It's really scary when you get a lot of them together and they begin to sound like a lynch mob.
The gnarb-gnasher is talking about Tiger. He says, "Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. He should be taken out and horsewhipped and left in the countryside for the birds to pick his brains"

"Oh no," says the other gnarb-gnasher, "let's cut off his narbs and make him eat them. And then roll him down the hill and leave him for the cars to run over his bones!"
by Wildwood Flower December 5, 2009