A burp that results in partially digested food coming back up.
Oh, that's digusting, I just glurped, I didn't want to taste that dinner again!
by spinxcat August 06, 2004
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The noise of an air bubble entering a container as liquid is coming from it; the quantity of liquid delivered for each such bubble.
Two glurps of water should be enough.
by In4mer October 18, 2011
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To scratch your head and get scalp gunk under your nails, followed by a nail bite (which is a sneaky way of eating the scalp gunk). Sometimes there is smelling of the fingertips involved.
Heather likes to glurp first thing in the morning when she has a lot of residue on her head.

I think glurping is gross.
by lilantie May 19, 2009
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the sound made while trying to suck a giant dick.
when I heard the glurp noise while julie was goin' down on me, I knew I had a big dick..
by mikeyboi December 18, 2004
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