Something that young schoolkids (mainly boys) do to bus seats. It usually begins with a small hole and pretty soon the whole bus seat is ripped. You can usually put a quote in it, but it shouldn't be inappropriate if the bus driver finds out. If ripped correctly, it could result in a Gloryholious Maximus, which is the largest gloryhole known to man. Not to be confused with Orange Julius.
"Evan! Stop ripping that bus seat! I can't afford to cover up another Gloryhole!"
by OJ Julius April 27, 2012
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a theme park in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is announced as an advertisement on the radio. The most common stations for this ad are "K-DST" and "Radio-X"
Come to Glory Hole Theme Park; open every day till 3 a.m.
by DuckSick April 10, 2009
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the creator of the gloryhole was Jeffery Williams aka gloryhole. He first devised it in 1910 in the large gay community of fresno. Later on he moved to LA and spread it more until it went all across america. Gloryhole is a legend
Where the fuck is gloryhole?
He's prolly smokin that dank ass hit NIGGA?
Naw, Dog i meant a gloryhole to stick my shit in, I just got out a prison nugga, i need that release, the glory hole is the way i gets it.
Whatever dog.
by Jeffery Wiliamas III <3 <3 <3 October 06, 2006
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1.) What a woman or emo chick starts to feel like, when she realizes that she is being used simply to perform blow jobs to who she thinks is her friend, but really is not her friend.

2.) The mouth of the woman being used merely for a blow job.
When James did not want her to hang out with him and his friends after his political meeting and only wanted her company when he did not have another blow job lined up, she realized that she was simply a glory hole to him, not a person with her own feelings, and he did not really want her friendship, only her mouth.

by Weezer Clone May 11, 2006
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Quite possibly one of the most odd sexual inventions of modern times. A glory hole is a hole cut typically out of a bathroom stall or a wall in an adult video store. One either inserts a penis into the hole or waits at said hole for a dick to poke through.

Once the cock is through the hole, the most common action is for someone to suck it. However, I do suppose the wang could penetrate another's buttocks of a vagina if the other individual is able to position himself or herself correctly.

What "glory" could come from such an anonymous sexual encounter in a filthy bathroom stall or overused private booth in an adult erotica store is beyond me. But people are fucking weird and I suppose one couldn't imagine a sexual fetish that hasn't already been attempted on this planet.
Greg: Hey man, I thought maybe we'd go glory hole hunting today. What do you think?

Jon: Sure. Sounds great and since I'm short, I've always got a stepping stool in m'trunk just for the occassion!

Greg: Really?!?! I can't wait!!!

Jon: No, you queer. Why would I want to stand in filth while a stranger, most likely unattractive and male, gobbles on my Johnson? Friendship over. But go ask Mike or Tom, I'm sure they'd be into it.
by KidPornoholic March 30, 2017
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A hole in a wall/door leading to an office of a superior rank in which one uses to assist in the climbing up the company ladder.
Is Bendy at the glory hole again looking for a promotion?
by bendy4boss October 22, 2010
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