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A term of love defining all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people. It is used with love and appreciation for our differences, not out of hate.
The glbt dance is this friday. Come one, come all!
by EPez March 05, 2006
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A gay lettuce bacon and tomato sandwich. Never with mayo.
Guy: Aw man, they forgot the god damn mayo on my BLT!

Lesbo bitch: Thats a GLBT! Haha, references to unrelated subjects makes this acronym funny!
by Serway Faughn December 11, 2008
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Girls like butts to
Bob: damn her ass is sweat! Wait why am I talking to you about this
Stacy: Shut up bob glbt
by Bahbahblackshit November 27, 2018
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